I have been trying to move all my posts from retro redo over to the new blog so I’ve been a little slow getting any new posts up.  I will put one up tonight at http://adatewithdesign.wordpress.com/ so you all can see the garden progress!  I’ve been hard at work today and have some pics of the new bed.

Sorry again for the confusion, but hope you’ll switch over to the new page.  🙂


For the past week or so I have been trying to work on the blog and change the layout, etc.   After working on this for awhile and having my share of frustration and computer difficulties, I’ve decided to start fresh with a new layout and name (and along with that comes a new web address).   I didn’t want to switch the whole page, but I think the new title is a better description of the blog and also a little more fun.   Sorry for the confusion and changes!  The new blog is called “A Date with Design” and is located at adatewithdesign.wordpress.com.  I hope you enjoy the new look and name!

Garden Prep

I decided to get started on the gardening while the weather is cooperating and the days are beautiful.  We’ve been having temperatures in the 60s and 70s with sunny skies so this is the perfect time, and it won’t be this way for long in Oklahoma.  Before I started the plans, I went out around the neighborhood in search of some inspiration so the tulips above and the garden pics below are from my walk with Kitty.  I felt a little weird taking pictures of people’s yards, but hopefully they assumed it was because I liked the yard and not because I was scouting out the house for other reasons…

I really like the tulip colors of the yard above, and I haven’t seen that combination very often- so pretty!  They just had a really nice yard in general, and the next picture is from the other side of the same house.

These are my Favorite flower ever, with a capitol F!  I love Peonies, and this yard had tons of light pink ones in full bloom.  We have three of these plants in our front yard that somehow survived the destructive gardening of the past owner, and I can’t wait for ours to bloom…

Here’s the full view from the street- our grass will never be that green!

I wanted to start off with all these beauties, but now that I’m thinking about it, ours might look a little boring after all that color.  You just have to use your imagination with these pics since it’s the beginning of the process.  The first picture is how it all started… with a pile of buried rocks.  I wanted to get rid of these, and then I had an idea that would save me some work and some money.

So I dug out the edge of the garden

and proceeded to stick the dug-up pieces of concrete into the ground as an edge to the soon-to-be garden bed.   This was the finished result-

Now I just need to fill it in with some nice compost and planting dirt, and it will be set.  I drew up a plan for the backyard with lots of hydrangeas and rhodendrons, and I’m ready to make a shopping list!

Under Construction

I am working on changing some things on the blog… hopefully making it more beautiful and interesting to look at.  It’s a slow process with me because I am not a technical person, and these things seem very complicated.  Anyways, just wanted to give the heads up that changes are coming, and I will try to add some extra fun features to the side bar, whatever those might be.  One thing I am looking into is the code behind the website called CSS.  I’m hoping that once I crack the code, I’ll be able to add a background and change the way the header is set up.

Thanks for reading!

Porch Clean-up

Today we are having gorgeous weather so I decided to put off whatever else needs doing and work on shaping up the exterior of our house.  Our front porch has looked terrible since the day we moved in, mainly from the peeling blue paint that is everywhere.  The porch was painted in the past without primer, which is tempting, but never works out in the long run.  I decided to go get some paint to spruce it up after scraping all the old stuff off, and while I was at the hardware store I picked up some flowers for the pots laying around in our garage.

Here is the before picture of the porch

I should have gotten a close up of the peeling paint, but you can see it’s not in the best shape.  After taking all the old paint off, I primed the porch and then did my first coat of “weathered cement” (that’s the color).  I don’t know if it really came out looking like weathered cement, but maybe that comes with time.

After finishing with the painting, I looked up and of course, there was Striper trotting across the porch.  I yelled, and he looked at me and then lifted up his foot to check what was going on.  Next, he hopped onto the window sill, licked his feet, and then walked the other way on the porch.  During this time I had a broom stick trying to steer him off.  He ended up walking back and forth three times (trying to avoid the broom) before I could lure him off.  Here he is leaving the scene of the damage.

After painting over the paw prints and then waiting for things to dry AGAIN, I put the furniture back along with the new plants.

I actually think it looks a little bit blue in this picture, but it’s really more of a tan color.  At least I hope it’s not blue since that’s what I was hoping to get rid of!

While I was doing the planting I added some flowers to our back entrance, and it looks much happier with this little touch.

The final accomplishment for the day was cleaning out the garage.  I don’t have a before picture because I only went out to get the pots, and that turned into a 2 hour cleaning project.  If you can believe it, there was carpet in our garage, and it was a really horrible dirty carpet (much worse than the house if it’s possible).

So I was pleased to get rid of that and then organize the rest of it so I will actually be able to find things.  I have to put up a picture just because I love organized things, and I love seeing the clean cement floor!

Next I want to get rid of the metal railing that’s on the porch…  don’t know if I need a permit for that, but I might try it and see if anyone says anything.  Oh, and putting in a garden bed is on the list too!

Yesterday and Today were devoted to painting the living and dining room walls and ceiling, minus the time I was at class and work.  I have tried to avoid anything that involves leaving the house during these two days because I look like a complete wreck.  I realized that I probably should have taken a more thorough shower when I got to class and someone asked me what was in my hair.  It turns out it was paint drops from when I was working on the ceiling, and there were more than just a few drops.  I just have a few weeks of class left so I’m not too worried about it.

So back to the room… I am pretty much finished with the painting (except one wall that still needs some work) so I thought I would go ahead and post the results for everyone to see.  I am really happy with the grayish color that we chose for the upper part and the white looks nice and clean on the bottom.  Clean things are rare in this house it’s relieving to see that something can actually be pure white around here.

The first picture is from when we moved in, just a reminder of what it looked like just a couple of days ago.

The next picture is at the beginning of the paint job… I had a lot of energy at this point and was on a roll…

At this point I am pretty much dead tired and covered in paint.  One of Jimmee’s friends came over to pick him up, and I felt like hiding in a closet.  I didn’t but maybe I should have.

The lighting isn’t very good in some of these pictures so they might be a little fuzzy, but you can get the idea at least.   Oh, and in the pictures you might notice our large rot iron overhang is gone!  We took it down last night and thankfully no one was injured during the event.  Apparently those things are very heavy and you shouldn’t just yank on them until they come down.  It is down though and the room looks much more open with it gone.  I think we’ll leave the three little ones by the door just as a divider.

Here’s our 300 pound friend safely on the ground.

Okay that’s it for today!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

So it’s getting to be estate sale/garage sale time of year, and I can’t wait.  We got off to a good start last weekend, in the rain I might add, at an estate sale a couple of streets over.  Actually we had planned to go garage saling early in the morning, but when I opened my eyes it was pouring rain so I turned over and went straight back to sleep.  Later in the day we went to Lowe’s, and I spotted the signs for an estate sale up ahead.  After stopping into an architects conference (at a house nearby) thinking it was the estate sale, we found the correct house, and the one where you didn’t need to have a badge to enter.  The house was in bad shape, but the woman who had lived there had some really neat things.  We got there a little late, but lucky for us that also meant 50% off!!   I took some pictures of our weekend finds… some of them are in need of a little rehab, but that will have to wait for another time.

we got two of these nightstands, and I can’t decide if I like the yellow or if I should paint them…  they are pretty cute yellow though!

so these guys do need some work, maybe a lot of work, but I thought they had a good design.  I need to find some cool fabric for them and some fresh paint.

this one i just thought was funny because the animals seem to always be in the pictures.  I took the chairs out of the garage for the pictures, and when I came back Striper was escaping, and Kitty was desperately trying to sit on the chair.

this is the last piece of furniture, and I thought it might look good with some new wallpaper in the squares.  It was really cheap so we’ll just see where it fits in…

Other than that we got some pictures and some silver spoons and forks.  Pretty good for one days sale, although maybe not so good for the wallet.  I went a little crazy so I’m just happy we paid garage sale prices!

happy garage saling!